During the past rally, the leading sectors are banking & industrials.  The leading sectors from the previous cycle have been rotated out of leadership positions.  The following stocks have been selected as representatives of each of the leading sectors.  It’s very encouraging to see the two stocks from the chip sector.

Symbol # of trading days advancing Percent of advance Notes
AMD chip 32(11/10-12/28/2016) 99% Breaking multi-year resistance
NVDA chip 36(11/4-12/28/2016) 80%
BAC banking 30(11/2-12/15/2016) 44% Breaking multi-year resistance
FCX mining 13(11/4-11/23/2016 56%
FAS 3x ETF financial 23(11/4-12/8/2016) 56%
SPX index 26(11/4-12/13/2016) 9%