Monthly Archives: January 2017

$CLF Swing Trade

CLF is in the process of coming out the weekly alpha cycle low.  When it takes out the prior swing high at 9.08, it’s a confirmation that CLF will rally for the next 5-8 trading days.  Long entry@9.08, price target 10.56-11.96.  Time target Jan 19, 2019.  Get out of the trade by Jan 19, 2017 the latest regardless if the price target is fulfilled.  Stop loss 8.28. 

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Member Blog – Biotech Sector Intermediate Outlook

Biotech sector has been the shining star since November 2008.  It bottomed earlier than the general market’s crisis low in March 2009.  The rally finally was stopped in July 2015.  It has been range bound since February to August 2016.  The election rally didn’t breakout the August 2016 high.  Right now it is in the 10th week of the weekly cycle that

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Caution: Gold Miner GDX Daily Cycle Top is In

GDX had 18 weeks selloff since mid August 2016.  It finally bottomed on 12/20/2016 at 70.7% retracement of the entire advance it made in 2016.  It is currently in the 3rd week of the new weekly cycle.  It is 12 days into the daily cycle.  The top @ 23.35 made on 1/5/2017 met 38% retracement resistance of 23.63.  The top is in.  We expect

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Is Rising Dollar Good or Bad?

The relationship between the U.S. dollar and the stock market is one of the most complicated and confusing subjects.   Historically, stocks have done well during periods of dollar weakness and dollar strength.  The dollar’s impact on stocks needed to be filtered through the lens of the commodity markets.  A falling dollar, for example, can be bearish

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What’s Beyond Internet and Mobile?

Technological advances have always been a force of nature in human history.  Humans can’t sit idle.  We are always consciously or subconsciously making stuff as our hands are extensions of our brain.  Innovations set us apart from the other four legged animals.

Amazon is a good example on how a matured Internet has changed our lifestyle. 

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