Monthly Archives: January 2017

S&P 500 Cycle Location

The cash S&P 500 index made a new high today.  The weekly and daily cycles are running on schedule without any anomalies.  We have an 18-day first daily cycle, and a 20-day second daily cycle.  The second daily cycle took 12 days to finish the bottoming process.  That 12 sideways down days included the last five trading days in 2016, which

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Member Blog – BAC Multi-Year 2009-2016 Breakout

BAC was a major casualty of the post financial crisis in 2009.  BAC purchased Countrywide Mortgage for 2 billion dollars.  The total fines BAC  paid to the various government/regulatory agencies was around 50 billion dollars.  BAC has been lagging in the banking sector.  BAC’s vast banking branches collected handsome amount deposits.  In a rising interest and less regulatory environment, BAC should perform. 

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AMD Multi-Year 2010-2016 Breakout

AMD has been a fabulous turnaround story in 2016.  AMD was once facing existential threat.  The new CEO has turned the ship around.  The street has done a good job in explaining why the chip sector has further room on the upside.  This chart shows in numbers how far AMD will go.

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Value Line Geometric Index

Value Line Geometric Index represents the real US economy.  The multi-national blue chip Dow 30 companies are where investors park their money, not in the real economy.  The value line has been range bound since it first peaked in April 1998, which was a result of the real boom time in the 90’s.  The second peak

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Bearish Divergent NYSE stocks

The percentage of NYSE stocks above the 200-day moving average should rise with the NYSE index.  Ever since the rally after the election, the market internal gauge such as the percentage of NYSE stocks above 200 day MA has been anemic.  The percentage of NYSE stocks above the 200-day moving average should rise with the NYSE index. But it is

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