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$TWTR is Under the Radar

Twitter just had some news that generated considerable trading volume in the stock.  Twitter has been one of the most hated social media stocks that lost investors/traders a good amount of money.  It went from 74 to 14 in 14 months.  Probably we have had some disgruntled owners and traders in this stock.

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S&P 500 Cash Index Cycle Location


We are finished with the slow and painful sideways correction!  A new weekly cycle has started since April 17, 2017.  Where is this new cycle going to lead us to?  Before we forecast the new cycle, let’s examine what has happened.  The cycle does what it always does, it pays no attention to the noises.  The hidden cycle is always there for us to find the clues.

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$BBRY BlackBerry’s Second Life

When iPhone came out, it ate BlackBerry for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  BlackBerry was left for dead.  BlackBerry didn’t die and is showing a sign of 2nd life!  Over the last four years, BlackBerry has been re-aligning the ship under the  turnaround  veteran Mr. John Chen.  BlackBerry has changed from a phone maker to be a full ranged software company.

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$LULU All Good Things Come to An End

Lululemon has been a darling since March 2009.  The good times are over for Lululemon.  Lulu made a double top in August 2016 against the first top  in May 2012.  Since the August 2016 top, it has been steadily under performing against the S&P 500 index.  On March 30th, 2017 it gapped down and violated the neckline precisely with heavy volume.

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Cycle Forecast

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