When iPhone came out, it ate BlackBerry for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  BlackBerry was left for dead.  BlackBerry didn’t die and is showing a sign of 2nd life!  Over the last four years, BlackBerry has been re-aligning the ship under the  turnaround  veteran Mr. John Chen.  BlackBerry has changed from a phone maker to be a full ranged software company.Technically speaking, BBRY broke out the multi-year down trend line with volume when it reported earnings on March 31, 2017.  In today’s pre-market, it traded above 8.46, which is a second confirmation for breakout.  We have opened long positions for shares and Jan 2018 calls.  We recommend our readers to open an investment position with BBRY.  The downside risk is rather limited at 6.23.  In today’s extremely over valued tech market, BBRY is a rare find.  Stay tuned.

BlackBerry long recommendation