We at Pricentime.com run daily, weekly and monthly scanners to search for stocks that are ready to take off. The focus of the search is the study of price and volume information in the given stocks to predict pending movements. We also scan unusual option activities to find winners.

$RADA showed up on our scanner today.  We recommend our subscribers to open an investment position on RADA.  The time horizon for this investment is for the next 2-3 years.

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd is an Israeli defense electronics system house specializing in the design, development, production and sales of advanced electronic systems for airborne and land applications. RADA provides complete system solutions designed primarily for the aerospace and defense market.

As a result of the last ten years research and development on tactical radars, RADA has received a strategic first order for dozens of Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radars (MHR). The order is highly significant for RADA, totaling over $8 million and will be delivered during 2017.  This order validated the R&D efforts and started a new chapter for RADA business.

Fundamentally speaking:

  1. RADA is in the performing defense industrial group that is out performing the general market.  With the increasing geopolitical stress, the defense budget can only grow.
  2. RADA developed a new niche market for tactical radars that has little to no competition at the moment.  This niche market is about 3 billion market cap presently.
  3. RADA is a small cap that presently has no wall street coverage.  It has little to none media attention, as the company grows the business, it will attract media attention also higher price.
  4. Get in the stock now that is very much at the ground floor while the business grows.

Technically speaking:

  1. RADA has meet all of our algorithmic conditions to be selected.
  2. It has a 12-month base that serves as the launching pad.

RADA is a case that fundamental analysis matches with the technical analysis.