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The Q4 Rally Is Underway

Despite the major earnings miss from Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook last week, the DOW picked up the slack from the NASDAQ and is on track to be the best month since 1976!  The pundits were worried about the mega tech earnings miss to lead the market to continue the crash, but the worry was blown away by the revenge from the old economy.  The market

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The Seasonal Bottom Could be in Already

The Fed hasn’t spoken about pause or pivot in any kind, yet the market rallied last Friday with heavy volume to put in a text book follow thru day that confirmed the October 13 low could be the seasonal low.  As long as the October 13 low is held, the weekly cycle will proceed accordingly.  Next week is a major earnings week that could further propel the Q4 rally.

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The Fed Will Be Forced into a Corner Soon

Ever since the Fed realized the mistake of calling 2021 inflation as transitory, they turned the Fed into a weapon of mass destruction in the worldwide financial systems by shocking the markets with the fastest rising interest rates in history in 2022.  They are using lagging data such as the CPI report as a guild and totally disregard the state of the financial systems.  The Bank of England

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The Market Just Can’t Get a Break

In our last private email, based on the consecutive two trading days’ broad breadth after the September 30 low, we stated that there were a 70% chance for the market to rally 5 days and a 50% chance to rally 8 days after the September 30 low.  Instead of meeting the expectations of past performance, the market broke down on the fifth day.  The employment data released last Friday is too strong for the

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The Financial System Is At a Breaking Point

As the Federal Reserve ramping up efforts to tame inflation, rising treasury yields sent the Dollar surging.  The Dollar index DXY is currently at a 20-year high.  The rate of change in the rising Dollar and the US treasury yields are a lethal combo for the rest of the world.  On September 28, we found out thru media that the $1.6 Trillion Britain pension fund was in crisis and Bank of England had to

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