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Waiting for CPI Data Release on March 14

Since the January CPI data was released on February 14 morning, the market participants have talked incessantly about inflation and inflation.  The January CPI data was good reflecting a trend of slowing down inflation, but not good enough.  The inflation was not low enough to allow the Fed to pause and the employment data continues to be strong.  The economy

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The Market is Climbing a Wall of Worry

The January CPI data was hotter than expected, even though the previously released CPI data have established a trend line of decelerating inflation since June 2022.  Numerous hawkish Fed officials have come out to voice the need of further rate hikes to ensure inflation doesn’t come back bite us.  The market, however, took it on the chin last week.  The NASDAQ even eked out

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Digestion Before the Next Bull Leg

The NASDAQ broke out a three-point down trend line in the last week of January 2023, subsequently it followed up with additional advance right after the February Fed meeting.  The Facebook parent company Meta reported earnings on February 1, 2023 after the market close.  The street loved how Meta CEO Zuckberg talked about efficiency (cutting cost) repeatedly

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The Tape vs. The Fed

The most important stock market adages are “Don’t fight the tape” and “Don’t fight the Fed”.  “Tape” means the ticker tape which shows real-time stock prices. This advice essentially advises investors to follow the crowd; buy when everyone else is buying, and sell when everyone else is selling. It’s based on the idea that prices for stocks, and the market overall, gain momentum so

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