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Catch Down or Catch Up?

Will the major indexes which are made of the magnificent 7 stocks catch down with the under performing small cap stocks to force the Fed to pivot in early 2024 due to the troubles in the economy?  Or will the small cap stocks catch up with the major indexes due to a strong economy that can afford the higher interest rates for longer?  These two questions

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The Elusive Small Cap Stocks and AI Drama

The much better than expected inflation data released on last Tuesday propelled a broad market rally, especially the Russell 2000 small cap index rallied more than the major indexes that day.  It looks as if the severely punished small cap stocks are primed to rise from ashes at this point.  In response to the better than expected inflation

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The S&P 500 is Meeting Resistance at 4400

It’s getting challenging to keep track of all the events between the Fed, the U.S. Treasury Department bond sales, the war in the middle east and the U.S government pending shutdown.  We will also have new inflation data release next week.  Underneath the seemingly chaotic fundamental events, the stock market has been acting very

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The Bond Market Has Spoken

The 10-year treasury yield formed a top last week by trading below 4.827% when the US Treasury Department announced a better than expected next quarter borrowing plan.  The subsequent Fed meeting was dovish.  To top if off, the less than expected jobs data further crashed the 10-year treasury yield.  It’s weird that the stock market cheered

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