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Approaching the Turning Point

Finally the market is showing signs of a little weakening.  Last Friday all three indices made a new high at open, then it just didn’t have the energy to keep pushing higher to pass the open high in the morning.  It broke down in the afternoon session and closed near the low of the day.  The S&P 500 and the DOW made an outside

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Opportunity or Something Else?

Last Friday the entire world woke up to the news that the US killed a top Iranian military commander in airstrike in Iraq.  The futures fell hard initially overnight, but recovered half of the loss by the time the market opened on Friday morning.  The market chopped around on Friday without significant selling pressure. 

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2020 Outlook

2019 finished with a great bang!  The President achieved his goal of lower interest rate in 2019.  At the height of the stressful time of the trade war negotiation, the Fed stepped in to lower interest rate three times in 2019.  Now the Fed will stay on the sidelines unless inflation picks up.  The phase one trade war deal is in the

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What’s Next? Dark Cloud?

The trade war phase one deal was done, and the UK election was also done with precise victory for the Brexit party.  It seems like the coast is clear for the stocks market to march higher.  In our previous blog we have said that the present rally will last at least until mid January 2020. Based on the price action from last week,

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S&P 500 Cash Index Cycle Location 11/01/2019

The S&P 500 cash index closed at 3066.91 at a record high last Friday.  Even though it is a hair below the breakout target at 3076.67, it could easily take down the target next week if the trade war news continues to be positive.  The Q3 earnings prove to be better or not as bad as feared.  It seems that all the stars are lined up to have a year-end rally. 

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