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A Short Term Top is in Place

Finally Nvidia had a trend reversal trade signal last Thursday, a day before the triple witching day on Friday.  Nvidia had a fabulous run since its earnings report in last May.  The final top came after the stock split event and XLK quarter end re-balancing.  The market is sending us a message that Nvidia buyers are exhausted at the

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The Entire Market is Waiting for Nvidia

The stock market rallied last week on the back of the Fed’s promise not to hike rates, just have to wait for rate cuts, but rate cuts are coming.  This rally from the April 19 low took out the previous high and appears to be on schedule for a breakout.  We blogged several times before that this rally from the April 19 low to be a breakout rally

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Is the 5% Correction Over?

A lot happened last week with Tesla and Meta earnings reports.  Elon Musk promised the cheap car model to be released in 2025 while continues to work on Robotaxi.  Investors bought the promise and the shares traded 16% higher immediately.  It’s not difficult for Tesla shares to rise because it has been sold severely

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Blowout Jobs Report

The market had a sizable selloff last Thursday due to some comments made by somebody during the trading hours.  It’s really hard to figure out what really caused the market to move like that.  But at the end of the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had less selling volume than the previous trading day.  The S&P 500 and NASDAQ had heavier selling volume

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The Unrecognizable Fed Chair

The March Fed meeting came last week.  The Fed Chair Powell shocked the investing universe by abandoning the strict inflation fighting strategy.  Fed Chair openly voiced his tolerance for higher than 2% inflation, and he also addressed the needs to slow down quantitative tightening.  The dual easy money approaches do make people

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