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$AMD Long Trade Update

Today’s selloff is a little troubling.  It may change the weekly cycle count.  Because of the large day range of 1.20 and the way it was rejected at 15.55, it prompted us to double check the weekly cycle count.  We want to know with reasonable confidence about the top price at 15.55.  Is it an important top that will be followed with more

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$SQ Speculative Investment Position

Square Inc. $SQ could be one of those magic Silicon Valley magic stocks.  It just broke out the price range for the last 15 months due to its earnings report and the prospects of growths in the areas such as business lending and point of sale, in addition to the mobile payment processing.  It is not profitable yet, but the streets have given high valuations.

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$XLE More Down Side

The energy stocks topped on the week of December 16, 2016.  It has not been participating the rally at all.  We recommend our readers to stay away from the sector.  When the economy turns around that will lead to more activities in materials and industrial sectors, in turn it will drive up the demand for energy.  The rise of energy demand

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$FCX Open the Remaining 2/3 Long Positions

Yesterday we recommended to open 1/3 long FCX positions because of the unconfirmed reversal.  Today we recommend to open the remaining 2/3 long positions.  We just had an intraday price structure bullish reversal.  Stoploss is 13.13.

Long $FCX Now

It’s time to open 1/3 FCX long position.  It’s not confirmed the bottom at 14.01 yet, but the intraday behavior indicates the likelihood of coming of the weekly cycle bottom from here.  The absolute stoploss is 13.13.