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The Sell Signal Is Busted

Last week we have been emailing to our member subscribers that a sell signal has been confirmed in all three indices.  However, after a 6% selloff, the market staged an impressive comeback on Thursday and Friday.  The strength of the comeback disarmed the sell signal, even though it didn’t reach the stoploss point yet.  A valid sell signal doesn’t behave this way.

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It Is Still A Bear Market Rally


Last week Nasdaq had an outside reversal weekly bar, meaning it traded lower than the previous week’s low and then closed higher than the previous week’s high.  When this happens, it is indicative of further momentum on the upside.  The Dow and S&P 500 also closed on the strong side on the weekly bar.  The short term momentum

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The Unknowables of Covid-19

In the last two weeks, the S&P 500 essentially chopped around the range established after the Fed nuclear option (buying junk bonds) announcement.  Underneath the three indices, there are vastly different performing sectors reflecting the new Covid-19 driven economy and the related stock performance.

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Distribution Is In Progress

Since the January low, the market rallied as if the coronavius is nothing to be concerned about even with the ever increasing number of deaths and infected patients in China.  Finally Apple came out warned the virus impacting the supply chain and sales in China.  The reaction to Apple’s warning was muted, only 

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Opportunity or Something Else?

Last Friday the entire world woke up to the news that the US killed a top Iranian military commander in airstrike in Iraq.  The futures fell hard initially overnight, but recovered half of the loss by the time the market opened on Friday morning.  The market chopped around on Friday without significant selling pressure. 

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