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Santa Rally 2017

The pending passage of the Tax Reform Bill reducing the corporate tax to 21% and taking effect January 1st, 2018 rather than being delayed until 2019, will be one of the biggest positive catalysts for US equities in decades.  The seasonal Santa Rally just got a solid footing for the market to finish a fabulous 2017!

The S&P 500 cash index has finished the 16th bar in the current weekly cycle.  It is expected for the index to make a new high in the 17th week, the week right before Christmas.  The sentiment is extremely bullish around this time of the year.  The S&P 500 in on pace to target 2700.

In a different model, we project the DOW to reach 25,648 by the end of 2017.  We also have a projection for the DOW to reach 28,045 by the end of 2018.  However, we are not clear about the two-year cycle low in 2018.  It is due for a two-year cycle low in Q1 2018, but the market can completely skip the two-year cycle as it has done in the past.  So we want to see how the market opens in 2018 to see the likelihood of a sizable correction to produce a two-year cycle low in Q1 2018.  We are kind of in a holding pattern in terms of deploying additional capital at this time.

While in this holding pattern, we do have a few short term trades in options.  We would open near money calls for $VIAB, $INTC, $XLK, $AAPL and $MSFT.  All these options expire on December 29th, 2017.  In other words, we wish to use these options to capture the final Santa rally in 2017.

Good luck and cheers for a fabulous 2017!



Trading vs Investing


Several of the questions most frequently asked of us have to do with trading.  How do you define a trader?  Should you trade? Why bother trading?  Is it better to invest or trade?  Those of you who are veterans of the market battle know if you are more inclined to trade or invest. 

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S&P 500 Cash Index Cycle Location & Sector Analysis

Despite the non-stop geopolitical jittery and the traditionally weak summer seasonality for stocks, the bull market charged ahead and is showing no signs of abating at the moment.  After the brief two-week (8/11/2017-8/25/2017) and less than 3% correction, S&P 500 cash index bottomed on August 21st. 

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S&P 500 Cash Index Cycle Location

The stock market is currently in a holding pattern after a nine-day selloff via an A-B-C wave structure that produced a temporary high on August 8th.  The current 4-year cycle that started in February 2016 has been nothing but amazingly strong.  During the nine-day selloff

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SP 500 Cash Index Cycle Location


Topping is a process.  Finally the topping process produced a temporary high on August 8th.  We had originally projected the S&P 500 index top to be around 2478 in advance, the final top was made @2490.  From the June 9th outside reversal top @2446, it took two months

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