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Short $BAC Right NOW-Weekly Cycle Top Is In

Sell market order short $BAC NOW, stop loss 23.41. Market order filled @ 23.22 at 10:20am. The weekly cycle top is in @23.41.  Downside target is 19.82-20.00.  We are long term bullish with BAC, but a correction is healthy for it to resume the move.  The anticipations of good earnings have baked in the price.  Today it ran up to 23.41 in a hurry and was promptly sold off from there. 

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$CLF Swing Trade Update

We issued buy recommendation at 9:56am today.  The long entry order was filled at 10:39am at 9.08.  It went really well after the entry.  During the intraday correction period 12:15-14:10, it didn’t violated any critical technical levels.  It never even came close to the open range high.  Despite weaknesses in the general indices, it was a solid bullish day. 

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$CLF Swing Trade

CLF is in the process of coming out the weekly alpha cycle low.  When it takes out the prior swing high at 9.08, it’s a confirmation that CLF will rally for the next 5-8 trading days.  Long entry@9.08, price target 10.56-11.96.  Time target Jan 19, 2019.  Get out of the trade by Jan 19, 2017 the latest regardless if the price target is fulfilled.  Stop loss 8.28. 

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Member Blog – BAC Multi-Year 2009-2016 Breakout

BAC was a major casualty of the post financial crisis in 2009.  BAC purchased Countrywide Mortgage for 2 billion dollars.  The total fines BAC  paid to the various government/regulatory agencies was around 50 billion dollars.  BAC has been lagging in the banking sector.  BAC’s vast banking branches collected handsome amount deposits.  In a rising interest and less regulatory environment, BAC should perform. 

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