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Long $AMD at Open

On 01/24/2017 before the earnings announcement, AMD came out the weekly cycle bottom by taking out 10.25 and closing above it.  It has been in the bottom timing band for a long time.  The precise action of taking out the prior swing high at 10.25 confirmed the completion of the weekly cycle bottom.  We advise long at

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AMD in Bottom Timing Band

AMD has been in selloff mode since the high at 12.42 made on 12/28/2016.  It has been 13 trading days since the top.  It traveled from 12.42 to 9.42, about 24% decrease.  Today’s drastic rally from 9.42 indicates strong support from this level.  9.42 is between 38-50% retracement of the weekly cycle.  It is in an ideal location for a band

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AMD Multi-Year 2010-2016 Breakout

AMD has been a fabulous turnaround story in 2016.  AMD was once facing existential threat.  The new CEO has turned the ship around.  The street has done a good job in explaining why the chip sector has further room on the upside.  This chart shows in numbers how far AMD will go.

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