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Can You Trust The Bounce?

The market bounced back strongly last Thursday and Friday.  Can you trust the bounce?  Yes, we believe this bounce is trustworthy and indeed a good buying opportunity.  The bullish fundamentals (monetary and fiscal polices) have not changed.  Yes, there are scary talks about inflation, but the real inflation is not here yet.

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The GameStop Fiasco

Last week the entire nation was gripped by the violent trading in GameStop stock.  The volatility in the most shorted GameStop stock was super high.  In the last six trading days, $GME stock traded between 42.32 to 483 defying the fundamentals of the company’s business.  There are noted hedge funds took loss and covered the short trade, but

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Sideways to Down Movement

The DOW met 31200 resistance last week and the weekly cycle oscillators promptly turned down.  Even though the last week’s low didn’t penetrate the previous week’s low to produce a swing high, but the mere fact that the weekly cycle oscillators have turned down is enough to call this weekly cycle top in place.

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All Clear After the Panics of 2020

The year of 2020 has been proven to be nauseating, the amount of churns feels like being thrown in a washing machine on the spin cycle and not able to turn it off, between COVID, BLM, Election and the markets.  However, the market has been unemotional and faithfully carried out the cycles and is pointing to a clear path forward from here.

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The Sell-off Could be Running Out of Steam Soon

After the mega tech reported earnings last Thursday, the market reacted negatively despite the earnings reports were not bad.  The big tech continues to make money in the face of congressional scrutiny.  Last Friday was the month end closing and the month end closing didn’t produce a sell or buy signal.

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