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Calm Before The Storm

In our last Sunday blog, we mentioned that the NASDAQ would attempt 16000 in the next 4-6 weeks after it bounced sharply from 14200 support.  TSLA reported earnings last Monday and the stock price chose not to respond to more than a tenfold increase on the $104 million the company reported in the same period last year.

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Evidence Increasingly Tilting the Risk on the Downside

In our last blog, we projected that the bank stocks would fall in the direction of cycle regardless of their earnings report.  They did fall after earnings report.  BAC is the weakest and MS is the strongest in the group of BAC, C, JPM, GS and MS.  The banks are making money, but the market didn’t care.

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Peak Into the New Digital Economy

Imagine at the onset of the pandemic, we didn’t have any of the digital solutions and the entire economy was shut down, what kind of living conditions would have been for all of us?  It certainly would feel apocalyptic!  Thank goodness to digital companies such as Amazon and Zoom.  They allowed us to have a somewhat normal life during the pandemic.

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Can You Trust The Bounce?

The market bounced back strongly last Thursday and Friday.  Can you trust the bounce?  Yes, we believe this bounce is trustworthy and indeed a good buying opportunity.  The bullish fundamentals (monetary and fiscal polices) have not changed.  Yes, there are scary talks about inflation, but the real inflation is not here yet.

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Panic To The Upside In Disbelief

In the last few blogs, we have been warning the potential of a breakdown of 5-10% because the DOW was not able to breakout the trend line clearly for the last two weeks while the NASDAQ was in correction mode.  The bifurcated markets made us cautious and wondering what’s behind the scene to create such a confusion amid

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